Keeping Codes

“Digital Preservation is access… in the future.”

David Brunton (via Ed SummersThe Web as a Preservation Medium)

“Digital preservation combines policies, strategies and actions that ensure access to digital content over time.” ALCTS - Definitions of Digital Preservation

“…the series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for as long as necessary.” Digital Preservation Handbook > Introduction > Definitions and Concepts


This is a collection of notes on digital preservation, defined the broadest sense: anything that enables or ensures re-use of digital resources. The aim is to collect my unpublished notes and ‘war stories’ from various digital preservation projects and get them online, even though they may be rough drafts, and then develop them in the open. The hope is that anyone who is interested in this kind of work can find it earlier and more easily.

However, this also means the site will be something of a mish-mash of content at varying stages of completion. Hopefully, any confusion can be minimized by tagging the content appropriately (e.g. stub, outline, draft, complete). If all goes well, later on, it should be possible to start tying individual entries into longer, more coherent threads. Having said that, I doubt anything here will ever be tagged as final.

If you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to contact me via this form, or use the appropriate GitHub issue tracker.



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Keeping Codes
by Andrew N. Jackson
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