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Building A Collaborative Format Registry Editor


New OPF Blog: Building A Collaborative Format Registry Editor. Reproduced below...


OPF Blog: Format Obsolescence and Sustainable Access


A new OPF blog entry: Format Obsolescence and Sustainable Access. Reproduced below...


OPF Blog: Is obsolescence overrated?


A new OPF blog entry: Is obsolescence overrated?. Reproduced below...


Experimenting with Hadoop


Thanks to our web archiving team (who lead the uk web archive project), I was given a day of training on using Hadoop today. I was already fairly familiar with the map-reduce and HDFS architecture, but I'd not had a chance to actually develop a map-reduce task or run one on a real cluster with some real data. Today's training gave me that chance, and I'm really pleased the results...


OPF Blog: Breaking Down The Format Registry

A new OPF blog entry: Breaking Down The Format Registry. Reproduced below the fold.

OPF Blog: Community and code

As well as blogging about digital preservation here, I've also got a blog on the Open Planets Foundation website where I'll post about OPF issues. I've just posted my first blog entry there: Community and code. Reproduced below the fold.