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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993
Ph.D. Reports & Publications
eprint Lattice-switch Monte Carlo for Soft-potentials
AN Jackson, AD Bruce & GJ Ackland.
Phys. Rev. E 65, p.036710 (2002)
eprint Structural Phase Behaviour Via Monte Carlo Techniques
Andrew N. Jackson
Ph.D. Thesis, University of Edinburgh (June 2001)
eprint Lattice-switch Monte Carlo method
AD Bruce, AN Jackson, GJ Ackland & NB Wilding
Phys. Rev. E 61, pp.906-919 (2000)
See also Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, p.3002 (1997) .
eprint The Two-Dimensional Ising Model
An Introduction To Monte Carlo Statistical Mechanics
A report written in the 1st year of my Ph.D. (November 1997).
This acted as my initial introduction to the multicanonical Monte Carlo method.
Ph.D. Seminars & Presentations
eprint Lattice Switch Monte Carlo
Online poster.
eprint The State Of The Hard-Sphere Solid

eprint Take A Chance On Me
Monte Carlo Condensed Matter
eprint Simulation: A Bluffer's Guide

eprint Interaction-Free Measurement
A brief look at a very wierd corner of quantum mechanics.
Undergraduate (MPhys) Reports & Presentations*
eprint Electro-optics Simulation
MPhys Project Report
(4th Year)
eprint Galactic Simulation
Particle Methods II: A P3M finite-difference simulation.
(4th Year)
eprint Computational Fluid Dynamics
A comparison of finite-difference integraton schemes.
(4th Year)
eprint Cake Theory
An application of basic finite-difference techniques.
(3rd Year)
eprint Demonstration Of The Ill-Conditioned Nature Of Hilbert Matricies
An application of LU-decomposition.
(3rd Year)
eprint One-Dimensional Electrostatic Plasma Simulation
An application of the particle-in-cell technique.
(3rd Year)
eprint Finite-Difference Simulation of a One-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator
Particle Methods I: A comparison of three finite-difference time-integration techniques.
(3rd Year)
eprint Analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories
Particle Methods I: Simulating the Lennard-Jones fluid.
(3rd Year)
eprint Incompressible, Irrotational Fluid Flow Around A Cylinder In A Duct
An application of finite-element methods.
(2nd Year)
eprint The Nuclear Reactor
An application of Monte Carlo simulation methods.
(2nd Year)
eprint The Forces Of Nature
Prize-winning communication skills essay.
(1st Year)

*This is undergraduate work, which has not been revised at any stage after its original submission for my degree.As such, these documents come with no guarantee of correctness.Mind you, neither does the post-graduate stuff, but at least some of them have been peer-reviewed.