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Posted: 2004-05-11

Online Services

Web Of Science (formerly BIDS)

The Internet Pilot to Physics

The Numerical Recipes Home Page

The life-blood of research, coffee.

The Edinburgh University online library catalogue.

Quite a lot of useful information can be found in Eric's Treasure Troves of Science, including the Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics.

The PACS database. Yes, those strange symbols on papers do actually mean something.

Online Pre-prints & Journals

Southampton e-print archive
Condensed Matter

A useful list of journals, with links, can be found here.
Also, there is a newer version, and a search facility.

Americal Institute Of Physics
The Journal of Chemical Physics

Americal Physical Society
Physical Review Letters
Physical Review A
Physical Review B
Physical Review E

Institute of Physics
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Taylor & Francis
Alphabetical Listing
Molecular Physics

EDP Sciences
The European Physical Journal B

Elsevier Science
Chemical Physics Letters


New Scientist

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