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I’ve been running my own website since 2002 as, and elsewhere before then. It’s gone from plain HTML to static site generation (XML+XSLT) to PHP-enhanced to a Drupal site and now, back to static site generation again (via Jekyll).

Nutshells #

nutshells logo In online database of links for RISC OS users, initially written in Perl and using a custom flat-file database back-end. Then converted to Drupal, and now being mothballed as static pages. #

eChums logo An early experiment in social media, built in 2002, mostly by myself but based on ideas generated by Richard Blythe, Graham Davies and I. Facebook won.

Work Sites #


ildg logo Website for the international lattice datagrid community. Essentially Tiki - installed, tweaked and administrated by me.

HPCx #

hpcx logo I created the Server-Side Include system that controls the overall look and feel of these pages, designed and implemented the CVS web-authoring mamagement procedure, and provided techinical help during the design and development of this site. I was also one of a small team of software engineers who created the HPCx Administration Server - a complex system of Java Servlets, Java Server Pages and Perl Scripts. For example, have a look at the service status page. As well as designing the images and layout of this page, I also wrote the backend which (for various reasons) passes the relevant data back along a code-invocation chain that runs SSI - Perl - Java Servlet - ssh login to service machine - Perl.


epcc logo I acted as a technical consultant during the procurement procedure for the EPCC website, and assisted their own web designer in the more technical aspects of the PHP-based system as the design was implemented and evolved.


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