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automagic buttoner

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

Once one site encouraged people to "steal these buttons", lots of other jumped on the GC. So here I am, nicking code from here, a form from here, and then munging and tweaking it all to work as I would prefer. All this really means is that you can use the form below to generate buttons dynamically...

Button Maker

e.g. drupal powered
<p><label for="outerBorder">Outer border</label>

as hex rrggbb.

<p><label for="innerBorder">Inner border</label>

as hex rrggbb.

   <h3>Left box:</h3>
   <p><label for="leftText">Text</label>

as hex rrggbb.

   <p><label for="leftTextColor">Text color</label>

as hex rrggbb.

   <h3>Right box:</h3>
   <p><label for="rightText">Text</label>

   <p><label for="rightFill">Background</label>

as hex rrggbb.

as hex rrggbb.

<h3>Button Size:</h3>
<p><label for="buttonWidth">Button Width</label>

px (leave blank to calculate the width automatically).

<input name="Submit" value="Go ahead, make my button." type="submit">

The mildly modified source code is available here.