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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993
Table of Contents

Reference Docs #

  • Java APIs:
    • Java 1.3 - Giffle:Java+Sun+API+1.3
    • Java 1.4 - Giffle:Java+Sun+API+1.4
    • Java Servlets - Giffle:Java+Servlet+API

Software Development #

Site Deployment/Management #

Project Notes #

Text Editors #

Opinion “I think there are key features that powerful text editors share and a few that should be but are not as common.

  • Macro languages in which to program extensions
  • Command lines in which to type commands too complex for keystrokes
  • Ability to bind commands to keys and key sequences/chords
  • Ability to “fold” documents (i.e. hide uninteresting parts)
  • Syntax color highlighting (big help for debugging)
  • Syntax sensitivity (to be able to suggest proper statement completion)
  • Abbreviation
  • Compile buffer, so I can compile and fix bugs as they appear.
  • Directory listing and file management
  • FTP/SSH/“Virtual File Systems”, allowing access to remote systems. "

How To Write One

TextLayout and use?