A plan of sorts.

Well, I’ve finally confirmed my leaving date for the job here at Victoria University Wellington. I’ll be finishing work on the 11th of June, and probably heading out of the country a few days after. Then I’m planning to spend about six weeks in south-east Asia, before heading back to the UK at the start of August. In the meantime, my boss has kindly agreed to let me have a week off during April to go and explore the bits of the south island I’ve not seen yet. Basically, it’s all good.

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Posted: 2004-03-31


Skinning up.

Well, I’ve more or less finished munging the old website style into a skin for [Drupal], and it’s looking pretty good. Still need to check its valid XHTML, but it should not be far off.

As well as recreating the old style, I’ve made a number of new editions - perhaps the funkiest of which is the integration of the ASCIIMathML JavaScript library, which allows me to type in LaTeX-style maths such as this:

‘sum_(i=1)^n i=(n(n+1))/2’

and get your browser to translate it into MathML like this:

sum_(i=1)^n i=(n(n+1))/2

If it didn’t work, read on to find out how to fix it.

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Posted: 2004-03-20


Getting there...

Well, this [Drupal] thing looks like it might just do the trick. Currently trying to move my preferred web page style over to it - looking good so far but some tweaking required yet.

Now, the long awaited image gallery still requires plenty of work on top - largely because I need to review all my photos and pick the decent ones for webification.

This may all take some time…

p.s. Check out [Drupal]’s RSS/RDF-feed aggregators, e.g. this riscos one.

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Posted: 2004-03-19



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