beautiful visage

Well, my work visa for New Zealand has come through, and I should be able to buy my ticket at the weekend. It all looks like it might actually happen! Rather excited about going back, although there’s some folk I’ll be very sad to leave behind…

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Posted: 2004-09-09


the fringe begins

Well, after a slightly wobbly week (these malaria tabs are not without their wierd side effects), I’m looking forward to a fine weekend. Sir Lord Richardo of Blythe is visiting, and some hanging about in The Pleasance and seeing of random shows may occur. Read on for my list of ‘probably-sees’…

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Posted: 2004-08-06

almost too familiar

I guess it’s fair to say that the travelling is over now. Back to my old job, in my old office, with a new mix of old office-mates. I’m working on the admin software for HPCx, which should be a nice size project for the time that I’m here. Generally enjoying being back, while trying not to bore people senseless by banging on about all the things I’ve done since I went away. Not necessarily succeeding, but definately trying…

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Posted: 2004-07-20


roast beef

I’ve now had a few days running about and catching up with family, touring around from London to Penzance, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Wirksworth (via Crich of course). While visiting Denise, Martin, James & Adam in Penzance, they cooked my first roast beef dinner since I got back. Oh how I’ve missed Yorkshire pudding! It’s been really good to see everyone again, but unfortunately I’ve not had quite as much time with folks as I’d like because I’m going back to Edinburgh on Sunday. However, I did manage to make time to scan in the information I got from Nestle which seems to settle the Aero debate. May I draw your attention to the line “The traditional block Aero was redesigned to improve the breakage quality of the individual chunks.” (emphasis mine). I was, of course, right all along… ;)

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Posted: 2004-07-16



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