yes, you can hate me now

Well, I’ve made it to the island of Ko Chang. Spend last night drinking beer and chatting to some locals on the beach, in the shade of palm trees, with the warm sea churning a few feet away. Bit stormy, with occasional rain, but it really is very nice here. The only place I’ve been where the sea is warmer than the showers. Planning to chill out here for two more nights, then head to Trat and on to Cambodia and Phenom Penh.

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Posted: 2004-06-30


at least there's hills now

Well, I’ve made it to Chang Mai, and found an okay place to stay. The train ride was alright, but after having the same flat ‘wet fields’ view for the first 9 hours, I’m glad to be near some tall pieces of geography. The place seems nice so far, but I’ve yet to explore very much. The main thing I want to do is go up to a monastry on the mountainside of Doi Suthep, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.

Time for breakfast.

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Posted: 2004-06-23


plans are good

Well, feeling a little better today, and generally had a more successful Bangkok experience. Booked a train to Chang Mai and managed to wander round Chinatown and go to a few temples without getting much hassle. Maybe it’s the ethnic shirt I bought at the market!

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Posted: 2004-06-21


Year of Firsts

Note: I’ve not finished editing and proofing this story yet, but feel free to have a read anyways.

I’ve done many things for the first time this year. It’s been my first big trip by myself. My first time around the world. My first time in California, Fiji, Austrailia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. My first snorkelling, surfing, bodyboarding, zorbing, luging and skydiving. My first time living and working in a foreign country (well, I guess New Zealand is only slightly foreign, but it still counts). My first… Well, I can’t tell you about that right now. Hell, I nearly did my first Kareoke! It’s been that kind of year.

And now, my first dead body. Let me backtrack a little to illustrate this one very mixed experience of a day in Bangkok.

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Posted: 2004-06-20



Made it! Mildly hectic afternoon but I’m really starting to enjoy this travelling game. Ended up in a place called the New Siam Guesthouse, in a room which has a fan, is clean, is reasonably secure, and is in a great location. I decided air-con would be overdoing it, as it’s not so hot here (just nicely hot - high twenties, and the rain has not appeared thus far). Paying something ridiculous like 2.50 GBP per night, and beer is around, ooh, 60 pence… :) I loiks it…

Crossing roads is a bit more exciting than at home, more because of the general driving style than the tuk-tuks. In case you’re not familar with these beasties, I’ve stuck someone’s picture of a tuk-tuk over on the top-left there. If you remember the Jaws-chasing-007-in-a-high-powered-milkfloat scene from whichever Bond movie it was, then you now what a tuk-tuk is. However, the ones I’ve seen have no heat-seeking missiles (or whatever) built in. Some do seem to be fitted with explosive exhaust pipes though.

There’s generally a few more people trying to scam tourists around these parts, but they’re...

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Posted: 2004-06-17



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