green tights

Work at EPCC is over and I’ve made it home, stopping off along the way for a family get together at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest. This has become something of a new tradition for my family despite the nasty flashbacks I get to a primary school play involving me and a pair of rather verdant stockings. Robin Hood has a lot to answer for…

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Posted: 2004-10-13


reassuringly expensive

Well, I can’t get out of it now. I’ve just picked up my ticket to New Zealand, with a free stopover in LA to see Catherine & Graham. I leave work next Tuesday, head back to Derbyshire on Thursday, and then fly off on the 20th. Time to panic methinks…

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Posted: 2004-09-29


beautiful visage

Well, my work visa for New Zealand has come through, and I should be able to buy my ticket at the weekend. It all looks like it might actually happen! Rather excited about going back, although there’s some folk I’ll be very sad to leave behind…

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Posted: 2004-09-09


the fringe begins

Well, after a slightly wobbly week (these malaria tabs are not without their wierd side effects), I’m looking forward to a fine weekend. Sir Lord Richardo of Blythe is visiting, and some hanging about in The Pleasance and seeing of random shows may occur. Read on for my list of ‘probably-sees’…

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Posted: 2004-08-06


Fighting entropy since 1993

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