I guess if you were brought up here, you must get more used to it. But personally, I just can’t imagine getting used to being woken up by earthquakes. Following the big tsunami-inducing quake on the opposite side of the Australian plate, there has been an flurry of tectonic activity down here in New Zealand, on the Australian-Pacific plate boundary…

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Posted: 2005-03-19


Crikey. How out of touch am I? On a similar note to the Hitchikers thing, it turns out that Wallace & Gromit will be big-screen movie stars this October. The trailer/featurette is worth watching, if only to hear talk of northern towns and cheese and crackers, all in Yorkshire accents, clashing brightly against the cheesy deep-throat Hollywood voiceover.

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Posted: 2005-03-17


I’ve long been a fan of the work of Douglas Adam’s work. I read The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy sometime in 6th form I think, and I’ve enjoyed reading all of his stuff since then. So, when I heard that the long-awaited Hitchikers movie was finally becoming a Hollywood reality, and that Disney was involved, I was rather sceptical about how it would turn out…

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Posted: 2005-03-16


Well, it’s all been rather quiet on the old blog lately. I had some bad news recently that meant I really wasn’t in the mood to write anything (I’m not going to talk about it here. If you know me well enough to ask, ask). Anyways, it’s time to do some catching up now…

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Posted: 2005-03-16


Well, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, but the work has come along quite well. We’ve even managed to finish the poster for the AMN-2 conference in Queenstown. I’ve placed a copy of the poster here, so if you really are terribly bored (or are coming to the conference and want a geeky sneaky peek at the work, which is about as long a long shot as I can imagine) then you can click the on the thumbnail image thar….

The conference is my first proper physics one, so I hope there’s some interesting stuff there. And then after that, I’ll be off to do the Milford track with some folks from work and my good old Edinburgh chum Suzanne (not that old). So hopefully, this blog might actually get more interesting over the next wee while. You know, with pretty photos and suchlike.

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Posted: 2005-02-04



Agh. My head asplode. They’ve finally done it. Apple have finally released an affordable Mac: the Mac mini. This is very good news, as !MacOS X is arguably the best personal computer operating system in existance, from both a geek’s and a user’s perspective. There have been rumours going around about this ‘headless’[1] Mac for some time, but it turns out that it was predicted by Douglas Adams 15 years ago! cough Kind of… cough

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Posted: 2005-01-11


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