Well, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, but the work has come along quite well. We’ve even managed to finish the poster for the AMN-2 conference in Queenstown. I’ve placed a copy of the poster here, so if you really are terribly bored (or are coming to the conference and want a geeky sneaky peek at the work, which is about as long a long shot as I can imagine) then you can click the on the thumbnail image thar….

The conference is my first proper physics one, so I hope there’s some interesting stuff there. And then after that, I’ll be off to do the Milford track with some folks from work and my good old Edinburgh chum Suzanne (not that old). So hopefully, this blog might actually get more interesting over the next wee while. You know, with pretty photos and suchlike.

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Posted: 2005-02-04



Agh. My head asplode. They’ve finally done it. Apple have finally released an affordable Mac: the Mac mini. This is very good news, as !MacOS X is arguably the best personal computer operating system in existance, from both a geek’s and a user’s perspective. There have been rumours going around about this ‘headless’[1] Mac for some time, but it turns out that it was predicted by Douglas Adams 15 years ago! cough Kind of… cough

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Posted: 2005-01-11

happy new year

Just a quick entry to say Happy New Year to you all, and wish you all a grand 2005. I’ve not made any resolutions, at least none that I can speak of here, and any of the usual resolution suspects are, I suspect, only made in order to get that guilty thrill when they are vigorously cast aside within the first week or so.

The photo off to the right there is a picture of the party down on the Wellington waterfront at which I saw in the big rolling-over-of-the-numbers. Read on for more photos of an almost relavent nature…

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Posted: 2005-01-02


It’s pretty near impossible to take it all in. I’ve been following the internet news coverage of the Indian ocean tsunami via the BBC’s web coverage, the Wikipedia article, and various other sources linked off Google News. I’ve no TV, so I’ve not seen very much about it. Some amateur footage is available on the internet, of which I’ve seen one clip. I’m not sure I want to see any more. It’s too upsetting.

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Posted: 2004-12-28

gratuitous maximus

Well, you might have noticed by now that I’ve been fiddling with the design of this site. The main problem was the blocks in the side bars, which I’ve been meaning to sort out since I moved over to ((Drupal)) blinking ages ago. Having time off over Christmas has given me a chance to come up with something suitably excessive and finish off the implementation. Read on for the gory details if you’re into this kind of thing…

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Posted: 2004-12-28


winging it

Well, I finally went over to Industrial Research Limited and gave them a mildy re-written version of the talk I gave to the group here a wee while ago. It seemed to go well, and I only got myself confused once, which is pretty good seeing as I now insist on not working out what I’m going to say ahead of time. I always used to try to script things, but that just seemed to end up with me rushing through the material far too fast…

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Posted: 2004-12-19


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