seven minors (but where's Snow White?)

On Friday, I had my second driving driving test and I passed with a mere seven minors. It’s a huge relief to have passed (it certainly makes things cheaper!), but driving without an instructor still feels a bit weird. I’ll be going for my first solo drive today - you have been warned…

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Posted: 2006-07-09

ain't no stopping us now...

We both sat our driving tests last week (my 1st one and Eilidh’s 4th). Unfortunately I was a little too nervous and incurred two serious faults and a noteworthy 15 minors. The serious faults were for speeding and mounting the pavement (although not at the same time I hasten to add). Since then I’ve had a couple more lessons and I have another test soon, so fingers crossed…

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Posted: 2006-07-02

250,000 powerballs

You’ve probably seen the recent advert for Sony Bravia TVs - it looks really cool (if you’ve not seen it, here’s a link to a long high-resolution version).

The reason I bring it up is that when I saw it, I assumed it was all done with computer graphics - and I’ve since realised that quite a few other folks thought the same thing. It glows in such an unworldly fashion, I assumed CG was the only way it could have been made.

However, I recently found out that the really cool thing about the advert is that absolutely all of it is real. They really did fire hundreds of thousands of rubber balls down the street. Even the frog’s real…

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Posted: 2006-06-02

Top Links

Stephen Colbert: Harsh, but Fair.

This weblog tends to go a bit political once in a while. This time, however, I’m going for politainment and rehashing some old news. You might have heard about the White House Correspondents Dinner, where the press and the pres cosy up for a bit of nosh and some gentle ribbing (followed by brandy and cigars I expect). There are always a few comedy routines sprinkled through the event, and traditionally this involves the White House being all good-natured and self-deprecating…

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Posted: 2006-05-30


thank you

Just a quick blog to say thank you all for the lovely cards, phone calls, emails and texts Eilidh & I have received about our engagement. Several people expressed a lack of surprise (much to our… surprise) on hearing the news. We take this to be a good sign. Either that, or we’re very, very predictable.

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Posted: 2006-05-23


Spring is finally here, I’ve survived my first winter for a few years, and things are going well. Really well. Eilidh and I just got back from a long weekend on the Isle of Arran, where we made the official announcement that we’re engaged to be married, hopefully in ~18 months time. We’ve been kind of secretly engaged for a month or two, but we were waiting for the ring to be finished before we made The Big Announcement…

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Posted: 2006-05-05


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