Eilidh had her viva on Tuesday, and it went very well. After a small number of corrections are made and various administrative meetings are held, it’ll all be official. Somewhat surprisingly, on the very same day, Eilidh also realised that she was not 28 but was in fact 27.

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Posted: 2006-11-23

festival: tim minchin

Last weekend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe kicked off, and we went to see our first show - Tim Minchin. We saw his show last year (for which he won the Perrier Newcomer Award), and thought it was fantastic, so we booked tickets to see him again as soon as this year’s program came out.

This years show, ‘So Rock’, was very good indeed. The songs and standup were almost all new material, with the balance a little more towards the standup side than in last year’s ‘Darkside’. The only repeat from last years show was the song ‘Canvas Bags’, where Tim implores the audience to take their canvas bags to the supermarket instead of using plastic ones. The song is funnier than it sounds, I assure you.

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Posted: 2006-08-08


new look

I’ve been slowly working on a new look for this website and I’ve just switched it on. It’s not finished, and it almost certainly looks foul if you are using Internet Explorer, but it’s getting there. Feedback is welcome, and will be added to the following list…

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Posted: 2006-07-21



In 1989, while working at CERN, Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web so that scientists all across the world could share photos of their children and pets. We are proud to be able to continue this tradition. Read on to find out about the contents of our fish tank…

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Posted: 2006-07-10

seven minors (but where's Snow White?)

On Friday, I had my second driving driving test and I passed with a mere seven minors. It’s a huge relief to have passed (it certainly makes things cheaper!), but driving without an instructor still feels a bit weird. I’ll be going for my first solo drive today - you have been warned…

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Posted: 2006-07-09


Fighting entropy since 1993

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