the science of digital preservation

UPDATE: I’ve reconsided my position on this, and I think I’ve underestimated the issues involved in keeping the bytes safe. I’ll write up some notes here.

I’ve not really had a chance to blog about what I do now, and how it’s different from what I did before. In a nutshell, I help create software for Digital Preservation. This is an interesting field, as it is full of problems that sound like they should have been solved, but haven’t…

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Posted: 2008-06-27

Digital Preservation

six months of weblogs missing in tragic data loss

The Prime Minister just appeared on television to apologise for the loss of the web log entries that should have been posted here. The blogs were eventually found on a roundabout in Exeter, but have since been lost in the post while being posted back to the place they were originally posted from.

So, to make up for the dearth of updates utterly failing to make an impression on this corner of the web, a new plan has been conjured up. The administrative load of looking after this site was burning up all of the time that should have been spent writing stuff, so we’ve cut things right back and made them much simpler. We’ve also resolved to try and post more frequent, if brief, entries, as we know quite a lot of our friends keep in touch with our movements through this site. If you do, you might like to look at our new news page.

ttfn, a&e

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Posted: 2008-01-21


Fighting entropy since 1993

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