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OPF Blog: OPF Year 1 - Visualisation of development activity

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

A new OPF blog entry: OPF Year 1: Visualisation of development activity. Reproduced below...

This is what the first year of OPF development on the Planets Suite codebase looks like…

During the first few moments, as the Planets project ends and OPF winds up, you can see the ‘explosions’ as the Testbed and then Plato are added to the GitHub codebase. Things quieten down over the winter months, with only a few minor tweaks and bugfixes being added. Then, from mid-March, Carl and Gerald turn up, and the massive refactoring of the codebase begins, with more explosions as chunks of code are refactored or removed. As we draw into June, the picture calms down again, with Plato’s leafy fronds reaching over to the right, and the many smaller components that make up the rest of the codebase clustered over to the left.

The visualisation was generated using gource and ffmpeg. Oddly, I had to convert to Google’s WebM video format instead of using an h264 mp4, as after uploading to YouTube, their server-side conversion kept missing the first keyframe and filled the first few seconds with grey artefacts.