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seven minors (but where's Snow White?)

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

On Friday, I had my second driving driving test and I passed with a mere seven minors. It’s a huge relief to have passed (it certainly makes things cheaper!), but driving without an instructor still feels a bit weird. I’ll be going for my first solo drive today - you have been warned…

Oddly enough, I ended up getting the same examiner as Eilidh. With about 5 minutes of the test to go, he said ‘Don’t worry. You’re ordeal is nearly over.’. I went from being nervous but thinking I’d probably failed (due to spotting an old lady a little too late), to being very nervous and thinking ‘Maybe I’ve been doing okay, as long as I don’t mess up in the last few minutes!’…

Anyway, the old lady survived, and I passed. : )

As a passing present, Eilidh let me drive her to the cinema where we saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We liked the movie, it was rockin’. A good popcorn munching Hollywood Extravaganza; action from start to finish with plenty of funny bits. And a lot of Orlando Bloom shouting in a manly way, if you like that sort of thing (Eilidh).

Drive safely. : )