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ain't no stopping us now...

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

We both sat our driving tests last week (my 1st one and Eilidh’s 4th). Unfortunately I was a little too nervous and incurred two serious faults and a noteworthy 15 minors. The serious faults were for speeding and mounting the pavement (although not at the same time I hasten to add). Since then I’ve had a couple more lessons and I have another test soon, so fingers crossed…

Eilidh’s test (only five minor faults) was last Saturday. There were effectively two emergency stops during the test; a scripted one, which went well despite a following driver deciding to overtake her at exactly the wrong moment, and an unscripted one about 10 seconds into the test when a pedestrian walked out in front of the car without looking.

Flushed with success (at last!), we caught the train to Arbroath that evening and drove our chariot of steel down on Sunday. It’s only been one week, but having a car has completely changed our lives already. The biggest single change is being able to pop down to work quickly (e.g. checking on experiments), which has gone from over an hour’s round trip to about 15 minutes. This makes it an awful lot easier to plan our days.

We’re now building a list of excursions around Edinburgh. So far, we’ve been to Ikea, Holyrood park (lots), and the monolithic Asda warehouse! The top three on our list are:

If you’ve got any recommendations for places to visit around Edinburgh, please add a comment below.