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landed gently

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

Well, I’ve made it to Wellington, and have even turned up at work full of vim and vigour, or possibly full of something else. Flew in this morning, and although Auckland was worryingly cloudy and damp, there were blue skies over Wellington. This made for some wonderful views as I came in over the Cook Strait. Snow capped mountains on the south island on one side, and the bays of hill-locked Wellington on the other…

Of course, the fine weather is unlikely to last long, but it was nice to get back and see Wellington at it’s best.

Checked into my accomodation which looks fine. Near the centre of town, high up so there is a decent view of the hills, roomy enough for me, and the two folks I’m sharing with seem right enough. Fairly cheap too, so more money for the beer monkey.

The jet lag hasn’t quite kicked in yet, but I expect I’ll be popping off to bed reasonably early tonight. Getting up early is an interesting novelty, but it always seems to wear off sooner or later. :)