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reassuringly expensive

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

Well, I can’t get out of it now. I’ve just picked up my ticket to New Zealand, with a free stopover in LA to see Catherine & Graham. I leave work next Tuesday, head back to Derbyshire on Thursday, and then fly off on the 20th. Time to panic methinks…

I’m sad to leave Edinburgh, and I’ll miss a whole lot of people (some more than others ;) ), but I’m also excited about going back out. The work is good, the people are on the whole nay too bad, and it’s as beautiful as the hype promises.

Particularly looking forward to doing the Milford track in mid-February, for which Suzanne will be joining a bunch us from the lab. Also, my Dad’s started to make noises about coming over sometime before Christmas, which would be great. All in all, there’s plently to look forward to.

And, I have to sort out what on earth I’m going to do next…