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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

Well, my work visa for New Zealand has come through, and I should be able to buy my ticket at the weekend. It all looks like it might actually happen! Rather excited about going back, although there’s some folk I’ll be very sad to leave behind…

Here’s the plan: I’ll be off back to Derbyshire around the 6th of October, and then I’ll have a couple of weeks to potter around and see folks at home. Then, somewhere about the 20th, I’ll be flying to L.A. to catch up with Catherine and Graham. The plan is to head to Vegas for the weekend, in order to celebrate someone’s birthday of the tri-decadal variety. Then, on Sunday night I’ll fly to New Zealand and hit Wellington early on Tuesday morning, having completely failed to have any kind of Monday at all.

Along with all the planning, I’m managing to enjoy Edinburgh. The end of Festival firework display was a little disappointing, as there was a big cloud bank over the castle that obsured all the big blasts, but I had a good night anyways. I had my first oyster, fresh from a Scottish loch in Argyll. Weird but good. I did not buy a sweater.

On a geeking tip, I’ll just say that I’ve built a package containing a fairly recent version of MySQL for my Zaurus PDA. The ipk is available here.