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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

I’ve not written for a while, and a few different things have got backed up, so I’ll bunch them all together into one blog entry. Clicky linky to read more.

Firstly, the thing is, New Zealand is really not that different to the UK, but that just means that the little differences seem to shout out over the dull drone of the familiar. Currently, I’m left wondering why there are quite so many adverts for hair products and the like on UK TV. I miss the more down to earth advertising of New Zealand, trying against all the odds to sell me a range of agricultural products like fertilizers and persticides, and of course various brands of sheds. I do not, however, miss the advertizing jingle for The Warehouse, The Warehouse, Where Everyone Get A Bargin.

World Map I’ve been adding some more photos and related travel stuff to the site. The image on the left will take you to an overall world map of the big trip, which I’ve put into a Travel Book which will hold any stories about the trip. As for the photos, you might be interested in this page which lists the latest additions to my Highlights gallery. There’s also one for all the trip photos although most of these have no comments or sensible titles.

I also found this rather lovely image, which I’ve nicked from a press release. It’s called The Helix Nebula, less memorably known as NGC 7293, and has been rather pretentiously referred to as THE EYE OF GOD. It was probably first publicised here on the rather fine Astronomy Picture Of the Day published by NASA.

On a geek tip, I’ve been updating the site engine for, and have added a few new bits and bobs (like the glossary, which helps deal with acronyms like these: RISC OS, CSS, HTML, EPCC).

Well, that about all of it. I’ve been to a few fringe shows, but I can’t be bothered going into all the details. One thing to mention is that I did manage to see Massive Attack at T On The Fringe last night, which was quite good but slightly under-whelming. Oh well, I guess you can hype these things up too much. Also, a old friend from my York days who I’ve not seen for ages is up for the festival this weekend, so hopefully I’ll catch another show and have some fun catching up.

Have a good weekend…