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Posted: 2004-07-30

Well, work’s going fairly well, and I’m still managing to enjoy being back! It probably helps that the weather is pretty decent at the moment - it looks like being a good weekend. Apart from work and the occasional beer, I’ve also been spending my evenings trying to sort my ~7000 Big Trip photos. There are now a few new Highlights and quite a lot more photos mostly unclassified as yet. Also, saw Farenheit 9/11 last night with Jenny & Helle. It’s kinda full-on liberal propaganda, a shamelessly unbalanced bulldozer of a movie, unapologetically aiming to help eject GWB. I have a lot of sympathy with Michael Moore’s position (even if I don’t necessarily agree with all his opinions/innuendo or his approach), but one can see how it would work well in America as a kind of Dr. Jekyll to Fox News’ Mr Hyde, so I rather enjoyed it. As J said, you can learn a lot about America not just from the subject - i.e. the material that is shown - but also about the intended audience from the way Moore chose to present the material to them.

Posted: 2004-07-30 | anj


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