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almost too familiar

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

I guess it’s fair to say that the travelling is over now. Back to my old job, in my old office, with a new mix of old office-mates. I’m working on the admin software for HPCx, which should be a nice size project for the time that I’m here. Generally enjoying being back, while trying not to bore people senseless by banging on about all the things I’ve done since I went away. Not necessarily succeeding, but definately trying…

The flat is pretty good, a decent student flat on Warrender Park Cresent. A bit more expensive than the flat I was in before, but it’s all inclusive so it probably works out okay. I’ll have a look around for other accomodation possibilities just in case, but short rents are not easy (particularly at this time of year). I’ll have to see how the money thing works out - saving for that air ticket is going to be another new challenge for this year.

Coming back has reminded me of how much I like Edinburgh. It really is a very beautiful city. Fortunately, the weather appears to have perked up now I’m back, after apparently having been rather crappy so far this summer. Also, I’m very pleased to have finally completed my gastronomical tour of the UK. After the bacon buttie, the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, the fish ’n’ chips, the pork pie and the trifle, last night saw the devourment of the crowning glory of British cusine. A Haggis supper, with salt and sauce.