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bored of hills, bring on the islands [updated]

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

I’ve enjoyed relaxing in Chiang Mai, and some of the temples are really very fine indeed. Doi Suthep lived up to most of my expectations, even though it was not quite as isolated as I’d hoped. Anyways, I’ve got just over two weeks left, and I’m still in the wrong country. Here’s the plan…

I’m leaving Chiang Mai (in the north-east, see this map) on Sunday night, on an overnight train to Bangkok (in the middle of that map). It looks like I’ll have to spend one more night there, in order to get a visa for Cambodia and book my onward bus journey to the island of Ko Chang (eastern coast, near the border with Cambodia). Hoping to stay there for a couple of days (on a beach!), then head over to Cambodia using the southern border crossing, via Trat.

After that, I’ll have to head all the way up to Battambang and then Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, then head down the river to Phenom Penh for a day or two before catching my flight home.

I do hope this all works.


UPDATED: Added an image of Wat Chedi Luang here in Chiang Mai - probably my favourite temple so far.