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currently nowhere

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

Well, technically speaking, given that I’ve just passed through Singapore immigration (and am pottering around on some fine free internet access in the huge departure lounge), I think I’m nowhere. Is that how it works? Or am I on Singaporian soil still?

Anyways, just awaiting my flight to Bangkok. The little weather indicator on the departure board depicted a thundercloud for my destination, so I went here to get more information…

A mere 31 degC, 79% humidity, rain forecast on and off for the next week, and ooh look, pictures submitted to that site showing the effects of the flooding they had there on the 12th! I hope things have calmed down now. Although I fear I will soon regret not owning a breathable waterproof jacket, only an un-breathable one. The Big Trip: a.k.a. Sweaty Jackson Strikes Again.

Singapore was very nice. Finally feel like I’m beginning to get used to the heat, and have enjoyed exploring the place. The best thing was probably the zoo, which uses moats and hedges instead of cages for most of the beasties. This means you can get to feel really rather close to lions, white tigers (very cool!), elephants, funky gibbons, etcetera, etcetera. The only disappointment was that the polar bear enclosure was closed for repair work. Frankly, I suspect the real reason was that I was there on the day when they shave them. How else to do expect a polar bear to cope at the equator?! Also tried to find some primary rainforest which lies within the city bounds, but got a bit lost on the buses and couldn’t find it until it was getting a bit too dark to go wandering around such places.

So, basically, it’s all going pretty well so far. The Bangkok-to-Phenom Penh overlanding bit is going to be a bit more of a challenge than what has gone before, but I’m rather excited about the whole thing. Take care y’all, and I’ll drop you a line once I’ve found somewhere to stay in BK.