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escaping Victoria...

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

Queen Victoria I mean, which appears to be impossible. I dunno, you travel a quarter of the way around the world, to the ‘Gateway to South East Asia’, just to find it’s yet another ex-colonial outpost where everyone speaks (some) English. Hmmm… Quite handy that… I bet there’s a statue of herself down by the mouth of the river - I can add a photo of it to my collection!

Anyways, got here last night at about 8pm, having stupidly ignored the possibility of sorting out some accomodation from afar, and hence ended up in a bit of a panic. Nearly paid lots of cash to go to some hotel for the night, simply because it was really easy to organize. I then realised this ‘cheap’ hotel was about as far from the city centre as it’s possible to be without actually leaving Singapore, so decided I was just being a complete wuss, paniced for a bit, and then found somewhere cheaper…

It’s rather basic, but its cheaper to stay there for the whole time than the one night in that hotel, it’s in a great central location, it’s got air-conditioning (this is important!) and the staff are friendly. And so was the Gecko/Lizard on the stairs. Don’t actually know the difference between a Gecko and a Lizard, but if it helps it ran very quickly while looking rather like a belly-dancer on rapid-rewind.

Well, just thought I should post to let you know I’m alright. My NZ mobile phone account appears to be SOS Calls Only out here, but my UK one works just fine. Indeed, a big thank you to Uncle Pete and Auntie Dee and to David for the text messages which turned up as soon as I tried the UK SIM. I was in a ‘ooh, cripes’ kinda mood and they cheered me up no end.

Right, time to explore the city methinks. Keep in touch. Ax