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Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson

Digital Preservation & Web Archiving


A first look at Magika
A new format identification tool, from Google.| ·1607 words
registries-of-practice Digital Preservation
Communities of Digital Preservation
IIPC Blog Post on Preserving the Web with Open Source| ·1249 words
building-web-archives Digital Preservation Web Archives
Launching The Registries of Good Practice Project
Here... We... Go...| ·215 words
registries-of-practice Digital Preservation
Sawtooth Shift
Who needs a holiday!?| ·96 words
Migrating from Jekyll to Hugo
It's been ten years. It's time for a change.| ·653 words
UK Web Archive Technical Update - Autumn 2023
2023 Q3 Summary Report| ·452 words
building-web-archives Web Archives