As of September 2002, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (SENDA) made it unlawful for any higher-education establishment to place a disabled student at any kind of ‘significant disadvantage’. As EPCC now offers courses to students, this legislation affects us. Here are a few links on the subject. * Edinburgh * A good overview, if you read nothing else, read this: Web Help at the Univeristy of Edinburgh - Accessibility. * Disability Policy (under review due to SENDA). * National * This site has pointers to all the legal documents and some good articles: UK Resources for Web Accessibility and the Law * Making Pages Accessible * The Web Accessibility Initiative: w3c WAI * The Bobby WAI online webpage testing tool: Bobby * Examples of what can be achieved using only CSS for your design, with pure content in the HTML: The CSS Zen Garden and CSS Beauty. Note that this approach ensures the content is visible on any browser, but the design may degrade unpredictably on those awkward ‘middle-aged’ browsers (Netscape 4.x, IE 4.x). * JAWS aural browser.


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