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One-Dimensional Electrostatic Plasma Simulation

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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993
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One Dimensional Electrostatic Plasma Simulation #

An application of the particle-in-cell technique #

This experiment concerned the use of two closely related particle-in-cell simulation techniques, and their comparison with eachother and with the theoretical results for the behaviour of standing waves in the plasma charge distribution. The two techniques compared were the cloud-in-cell (C-in-C) and nearest grid point (NGP) particle distributions. It was found that, while the C-in-C was invariably the slower method, it was generally the more accurate for the extra time it required. Landau damping of the standing waves was observed and the damping behaviour was compared with that predicted by theory, with mixed results.

An application of the particle-in-cell technique. (3rd Year)