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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993
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I hereby present my own bits of RISC OS freeware. They have been tested on RISC OS 4, and should work on any version greater that 3.1 and on a StrongARM, but I can’t test this. Not tested on an Iyonix either.

software #

xmlutils logo # XML Utils RISC OS ports of some Unix XML & XSLT utilities.

xmlsite logo # XMLSite A set of Perl scripts for generating your HTML website from XML sources using XSLT stylesheets.
accumouse logo!AccuMouse Very tiny almost useful application which allows the mouse speed to be altered from an icon on the iconbar.You can switch between two mouse speeds, either directly or by holding the pointer still for a given amount of time. The high speed allows you to traverse the screen with ease, and the slow speed allows the mouse pointer pixel-fine accuracy.I wrote this to make precise positioning of icons easier when using something like FormEd.
extractor logo # Extractor A nearly un-small application to allow Acorn sprites to be converted to screen-memory format.In other words, it converts images into a simple format so that they can be easily plotted by either your own or the supplied ARM assembly language routines. Basically, people who are creating games or demos may find it useful.Quite flexible conversion and output formats.I'll try to add a list of features to this page at some point.

The output format is not compatible with GameSuite yet, and I may not get round to making it so.

gloop logo # Gloop Small BASIC+Assembler cellular automata that simulates gloopy green liquid flowing down your screen.Use the mouse to set up something for it to flow over, and then let it flow.
babel fish logo !Babel Fish Only a small amount of progress has been made, but...
The idea of the Babel Fish is to unify file conversion in RISC OS. It will invoke different command-line utilities to handle the conversion, but present a single, straight-forward graphical user interface. I am now working on this with with Richard Blythe.Well, he's done most of it, actually...

nutshells #

The all-new, cgi-powered, table-ridden
nutshells v2.1
can be found @

web page design #

These pages, all original artwork, icons and banners etc, are all created on my RiscPC.Animates GIFs are constructed with the assistance of the excellent InterGif by Peter Hartley.

The HTML itself is created from XML source via XSL stylesheets, using my own RISC OS ports of some Unix XML utilities (see above).

Home System Specification #

My poor ageing RiscPC. Still in use, largely because of ArtWorks.

Machine:Acorn RiscPC600
Machine DOB:1995
Operating System:RISCOS 4.02
OS DOB:1994
Hard Disc:25Gb(!) IDE

sparkplug logo

Zip and Spark archives can be decompressed in the RiscOS desktop environment using !SparkPlug, available here as a self-expanding archive.Just set the filetype to BASIC and run.