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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993

In drifts of sleep, I came upon you
Buried to your waist in snow
You reached your arms out, I came to
Like water in a dream of thaw

The Rescue, from Seeing Things by Seamus Heaney.

' When so many scholars in the world are calulating, is it not right
that some, who can, dream? '

Rene Thom

' Chance is the pseudonym of God when he did not want to sign. '

Anatole France

' Sex with someone you love is the most fun I ever had without laughing.'

Woody Allen

' Nature is subtle, but she is not malicious.'

Albert Einstein

'"You're really not going to like it," observed Deep Thought.
"Tell us!"
"Alright," said Deep Thought. "The Answer to the Great Question... "
"Of Life, the Universe and Everything... " said Deep Thought.
"Is..." said Deep Thought, and paused.
"Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm. '

Douglas Adams

' What one fool can understand, another can. '

Richard P Feynman

' Love is a matter of Chemistry, sex is a matter of Physics. '

The Erotic Nightmare Revue, Purity Test 6.6c

' Can you imagine a world without hypothetical situations? '

Myrddin Emyrs

' They looked at eachother for a moment.

The moment became a longer moment, and suddenly it was a very long
moment, so long one could hardly tell where all the time was coming

For Arthur, who could usually contrive to feel self-conscious if left
alone for long enough with a Swiss Cheese Plant, the moment was one of
sustained revelation. He felt on the sudden like a cramped and
zoo-born animal who awakes one morning to find the door of his cage
hanging quietly open and the savannah stretching grey and pink to the
distant rising sun, while all around new sounds are waking.

He wondered what the new sounds were as he gazed at her openly
wondering face and her eyes that smiled with a shared surprise.

He hadn't realized that life speaks with a voice to you, a voice that
brings you answers to the questions you continually ask of it, had
never consciously detected it or recognized its tones till it now said
something it had never said to him before, which was 'Yes'.

Fenchurch dropped her eyes away at last, with a tiny shake of her head.

'I know,' she said. 'I shall have to remember,' she added, 'that you
are the sort of person who cannot hold on to a simple piece of paper
for two minutes without winning a raffle with it.' '

Douglas Adams, So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.