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Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson
Fighting entropy since 1993
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roughly reversely chronologically

:you’re trying too hard :surrender :give yourself in :you’re trying too hard :

:y o u ’ r e t r y i n g t o o h a r d
:it’s not meant to be a strife
:it’s not meant to be a struggle uphill
:to enjoy
:it’s not meant to be a strife
:it’s not meant to be a struggle uphill
:it’s warmer now : l e a n into it
:unfold in a generous way
:s u r r e n d e r
undo, björk (Vespertine).

:Hearts and flowers :A candy coated fantasy :But in your soul I’ve found the one :My soul can see hearts + flowers, lamb.

:You’ll understand what I mean when I say :There’s no way we’re gonna give up harder to breath, maroon5.

:his embrace, a fortress :it fuels me :and places :a skeleton of trust :right beneath us :bone by bone :stone by stone :if you ask yourself patiently and carefully: :who is it? :who is it that never lets you down? :who is it that gave you back your crown? :and the ornaments are going around :now they’re handing it over :handing it over :he demands a closeness :we all have earned a lightness :carry my joy on the left :carry my pain on the right who is it (carry my joy on the left, carry my pain on the right), björk (MEDÚLLA).

:…how could I have ever been so lucky :to wake up looking in her face :and see the flowers she put ‘round the room :britening an otherwise crumbling place… Happy Child, Tweaker (The Attraction to All Things Uncertain).

__Monster__ track has to be Wow from Final Straw by Snow Patrol. It really rather hits the mark. In fact the whole album is pretty darned good. Go get it. Spitting Games is also a favourite, if only for the lines: :My heart is bursting in your perfect eyes :As blue as oceans and as pure as skies And Grazed Knees is a bit of a stand-out track too.

Other top tunes I’ve discovered up while being back include Franz Ferdinand, Maroon 5, _ zero 7’_s new album When It Falls, Grit by Martyn Bennet, Jet, The Thrills and Kasabian.

Was also surprised to find out that these UK folks hadn’t heard of Steriogram yet. I hadn’t realised that they were an NZ band, and the near-saturation play of the award winning knitted video for the fine single Walkie Talkie Man in NZ and the fact that that same track was being used in the UK iPod advertisements had lulled me into a false sense of, erm, understanding what what going on. Or something. Go check ’em out.

Not long now. And still not packed. Don’t. Panic.

London :Johnny Cash, Hurt (remarkable cover of a Nine Inch Nails track - The Downward Spiral)

Edinburgh, Summer 2004 :Spitting Games, Snow Patrol :Keane :Bjork, who is it :Embrace :Franz Ferdinand :The Cat Empire (again!) :Maybe Tomorrow, from Dave P. :Massive Attack - gig.

Bangkok :Baker, Bells, or Cloud - Tori.

Wellington :The Private Press, Giving up the Ghost :Lamb, When The Clouds Clear

Wellington, Beers with Folks :The Gambler, Kenny Rodgers

Wellington, K! :Jet, Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

Christmasish, SMF. :Bewitched Bothered and Bewilded.

Auckland, Shopping :Minuit, The Boy With The Aubergine Hair

Coromandel :Salmonella Dub, Nu Steppa

Paihia Kareoke :Brown Eyed Girl, or Cos I Was High

Stray Gibbo Northland :Salmonella Dub, Inside The Dubplates

Somewhere, Moving :Lemon Jelly, The Stauton Lick.

Austrailia :Stereophonics, Maybe Tomorrow :The Cat Empire

Changing planes :Emiliana Torrini, …

California, San Fransisco Bridge :Ce Matin La, AIR

London, Tyrolean Kareoke :Suspicious Minds, Elvis

Edinburgh, Summer 2003 :The Reindeer Section :The Cat Empire :Manu Chao

Summer2002 Compilation #

:1. gabriel - lamb :2. can’t get you out of me head - kylie :3. destiny - zero7 :4. downtown - petula clark (stockholm) :5. Bib, Summer - lazy dog v2 (copenhagen) :6. sverige - kent - (sweden) :7. you don’t wanna - tricky :8. undo - bjork :9. love can damage your health - telepopmusic :10. homelands - nitin sawhney :11. man of constant sorrow - soggy bottom boys :12. down to the river - alison krauss :13. sure, 2sure - chris raynor :14. alaska street - red snapper :15. starlight - the supermen lovers :16. strange and beautiful - aqualung :17. kissalude - basement jaxx :18. love at first sight - kylie